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Add:26th Lingyun road,Liushi Town,Yueqing City,Zhejiang Province,China


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The spirit of enterprise:Kui Bo win the integrity of Zhiyuan

Kubo: arduous pioneering broad and profound
To win: the courage to change the courage to first
Honesty: Honest and Credible
Zhi Yuan: far-sighted to high vision

Brand Value:Credible and reliable employees can be honest and trustworthy products can be held high-tech enterprise development

Quality policy:Engraved 3C requirements to regulate employee attention to customer satisfaction to create brand name products

Values:Let the quality of writing Jiaxun people's dignity Jiaxun people to high-quality embodiment of personal pride sense of dignity for the revitalization of national industry and work hard

development plan:People-oriented so that the dragon takeoff to transmission and distribution of electricity-based industries take the road of product diversification to promote the brand as a banner international brand