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After - sales service system

  • My company's after-sales service system in full accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system management.
    I set up a company after-sales service sector, its main responsibility is to complete timely and accurate after-sales service tasks.
    All customer service information is fed back to the after-sales service department, so as to ensure the integrity of information, technical quality assurance unified management and is responsible for processing.
    After-sales service department received the information required after-sales service, began to prepare the relevant technical information and the required materials, components. After-sales service is not prepared to distinguish the nature of after-sales service constraints, that is, whether routine or after-sales service or because the user causes the service, after-sales service departments are treated to ensure that users get the first time quality after-sales service.
    After receiving service orders, after-sales service personnel in the preparation of technical information and related components and materials, tools, etc., will be the fastest time rushed to the scene put into the work.